Sconce Kona Deluxe Hammered Copper

Set of 2 Kona Deluxe Wall Sconce $109.90 (set of 2)

This hammered copper Kona torch is constructed  with a separate fuel port for clean, easy refilling. Snuffer, not shown. This wall mounted sconce provides a unique lighting option. The Kona Sconce mounts easily on a wall or pole where that special lighting is desired.

The fiberglass wick will stay lit in windy and rainy conditions and the flame height will depend on the wick exposure.

Up to 32 ounces of Citronella oil or paraffin oil can be placed in the torch head by removing the brass fuel port cover and pouring your choice of oils inside. This will allow you 20 hours of soft glowing light.

The Kona Deluxe Torch is a great choice for lighting any exterior decor and allows you a clean, simple form of operation.

Torch Head Size: 6" w x 9-3/4" h
Pole Height: N/A
Total Height: 21 Inches
Pole Diameter: N/a
Wick Size: 1/2"
Preferred Fuel: Citronella Oil
Fuel Capacity: 32 Ounces
Materials: Soild Copper
steel bracket.

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Hammered Copper Kona Deluxe Sconce  only $93.42 each pair

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Set of 2 Kona Deluxe Hammered Copper Sconces

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